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School information sign for the ‘John Lyon School’ Harrow

Special school information sign designed & produced by ourselves for the ‘John Lyon School’ Harrow. This was carried out following a rough sketch brief from the client to final production sign.
We specialize in school signage/ hospital signage / special emergency signage for the current situation regarding Coronavirus.
School information sign for the  'John Lyon School' Harrow

Shop sign installations – approved contractor for Trespass

With installation coverage throughout the UK we were awarded contracts for new branch outlets at major shopping centres. Each site requiring various methods of construction to suit local requirements. A couple of branches shown here include built-up lettering & LED illumination with striking window graphics.
Rush Fitness, Uxbridge - various signs
Rush Fitness, Uxbridge - various signs

Series of 3D Perspex letters and logo – Electroclinic Chelsea

Brief: Client requested ultra bright new signage programme strictly adhering to company corporate identity.

Solution: A series of three-dimensional built-up Perspex letters and logo, all internal illuminated via concealed 12V LED modules. Projecting sign built to match.